Reputation Management

Sometimes, dissatisfied customers just can't be mollified.And sometimes, competitors and disgruntled employees have way too much time on their hands.We find these are the ones who enjoy tarnishing the online reputation of a reputable business the most. Most times we are very effective at reaching out to these individuals and getting them to remove their negative review. If that is unsuccessful, we utilize all of our online reputation management expertise to neutralize such negative reviews effectively and completely.

The same holds for those who misuse your brand, intellectual property or trademarks. From rational persuasion, legal support such as Cease and Desist orders, through UDRPs to seize infringing Internet websites and domains, to Trademark disputes via the USPTO, we have the in-house resources and experienced external legal support to thoroughly protect your company's online reputation.

Imprinsic offers complete online reputation management and Brand Development services – We track, monitor and protect your brand’s reputation on the web as well as to take advantage of brand mentions by ensuring proper attributions to them.

Our Exclusive Process

Conduct weekly analysis to ensure no one is infringing on your web content

  • Identify and neutralize negative online reviews
  • Ensure no one is falsely using your brand or company name
  • Contact fraudulent user directly and instruct them to cease and desist
  • Create ongoing web content that will perpetually decrease online visibility of negative content

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


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Matt Steffen

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Matt Steffen

"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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