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Political Marketing Services

You want to make this country better, and this country needs you...

...and that's why you need us.

We provide 24 hour a day, 7 day a week political consulting and campaign management, along with boots-on-the-ground support at political conventions, press conferences, charity events, etc.

90+ % of people vote based on a candidate's appearance and personality, not facts. This is the result of a culture confusing how they "feel", with what they "think."

Nevertheless, we know the key to winning any election is a function of the perception voters have of you. This takes research and branding, and that is where we start.

Alas, Jeb Bush had more money than every other GOP contender in the 2016 Primary race, and yet, this accounted for almost NOTHING when the final votes were cast.

We properly position your most marketable positions into the minds of your constituents, and perpetually increase that following until election day.

Unlike most other political marketing agencies, we don't fill a room with people at your speeches only to have them tell the media they were 'paid' to be there. What can be more humiliating?

You and I both know the name of the game coming out of the proverbial door is giving the perception you have widespread support, all while promoting your campaign to gain real voter traction. This starts with branding, event management, media relations, direct mail and online marketing.

Among the many services we provide, are:


  • Total Campaign Management, including the building and maintenance of online automated software that tracks and coordinates volunteers, staffers, campaigns, events, fundraising and supporters.
  • Branding, including logo, and the overall feeling your campaign gives voters (we use focus groups to accomplish this)
  • Website Creation and Maintenance, including content management, SEO, design and forms.
  • Event Creation and Management, including the creation and execution that will give you a viral edge in the media, in the communities you wish to serve, and online.
  • Internet Marketing, including advertising, email marketing, Social Media, etc.
  • Direct Mail, including design and outgoing execution.
  • Media Relations, including press releases, media contact, and event support.
  • Fundraising, you need money, and this means locating and appealing to "big-money" business leaders and wealth-oriented citizens in your area.
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Management, the genius in our approach is, yes we obviously recruit and utilize people who support you directly, but we also grow your following by appealing to people whose cause you support. This way, we grow your overall support behind the issues you support, thereby poaching votes and volunteers from the competition.

The bottom line is you need an experienced team that manages your campaign all under one unified roof.

We don't just manage your campaign, we get you elected.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


Increase your sales now. 

We create and execute a customized marketing system for your business that increases your sales and nobody does it better.