Marketing Coaching & Mentoring

I teach you how to increase your sales

The chief focus of our marketing mentoring and coaching is to give you the expertise to build and maintain a marketing system that will help you achieve all of your personal and financial goals.

We understand each of our clients suffer from unique gaps in their knowledge, attitude, self-esteem and experience that minimizes their ability to excel in business. Matthew Steffen works with you to break through your barriers to success by giving you the marketing expertise, ROI-driven habits and relentless confidence necessary to thrive.

Value of Mentor Program

  • Eliminate need for future marketing and advertising support as a result of enhanced skill-set.
  • Increased confidence in ability to sell and seize promotional opportunities.
  • Perpetual integration of revenue producing habits.
  • Additional skill-set of marketing and advertising can be applied to current field for greater knowledge diversity
  • Decrease in time applied to generating more leads and clients.
  • Greater ability for you to promote yourself over time, thereby gradually decreasing need for costly advertising.

Matthew Steffen gave me the ability to exhibit my expertise. He gave me strategies on how to exactly market my expertise the right way, to the right people. If you’re looking for experts in marketing, Matt Steffen is who you need to hire.

Dr. Derrick Campbell

I Teach You How to:

  • Create your value proposition, mission statement and brand.
  • Build your marketing program, and learn how to improve it over time
  • Build a biographical sketch that maximizes your company’s credibility
  • Leverage SEO, blogging and internet marketing on a daily basis
  • Create compelling digital media, and effective sales copy that converts
  • Write proposals and sales letters that get accepted nearly every time
  • Compose headlines, body content and calls to action
  • Create an email marketing system that cultivates new business
  • Seize advertising opportunities that drive the greatest ROI
  • Develop daily habits maximizing your financial and professional growth
  • Attract National and local media coverage on a weekly basis