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Advertising doesn't cost money, it MAKES money... a lot of money.

For every $1 we spend on advertising for an average client, they make an average of $2-4 back in profit.

What if I told you to give me $5,000 and I will give you $10,000 back?

That's good adverting, and THAT is what good advertising does.

The problem is not everyone is good at advertising. Every day I pass billboards and scroll past Facebook updates that are HORRIBLE and are clearly bleeding money.

A lot of these were even produced by "advertising professionals." I have met a lot of these types at conferences and seminars, and they just aren't creatively or intellectually equipped to handle your advertising.

Quick note: If you run into a so-called  "ad man," ask him/her what David Ogilvy's  top 10 rules of advertising is. If he/she can't name them, WALK AWAY!

Advertising is about leveraging the art of words and science of targeting to maximize curiosity, and ACTION.

Not ONE ad comes out of my agency that doesn't compel people to drop what they're doing and ACT.

Great advertising can an overweight man to drop what he's doing, join a gym, and lose 200 lbs.

Bad advertising can't give $1,000 to a homeless man.

Great advertising is what separates McDonalds from the local burger joint down the street.

One brought in 27 billion dollars in revenue in 2011, the other is just barely making enough to pay for its expenses.

Great advertising is what we do, and we're one of the best at it.

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