Matt's Favorite Free Online Marketing Tools

I'm giving you a list of my favorite free online marketing tools, along with a brief description of how to use each one, to help you increase your revenue and DOMINATE your competition.

My team and I have personally used these marketing resources, and I can speak of their value and effectiveness for serving every aspect of your marketing program. Enjoy!

Don't compete — DOMINATE. is where you're going to create your email marketing program.

Here you can create opt-in forms so prospects can signup for your newsletter, eBook, and whatever else you can offer them in exchange for their email and contact information.

Once you have their contact information, you can use Mailchimp to send them promotional updates, free advice, and whatever else you can creatively develop to turn each recipient into a customer.

It is a very easy system to use, and to get started, you can import a list of existing customers or prospects. is where you will research what internet marketing strategies your competitors are using to get customers online.

This free online program will allow you to analyze their Pay Per Click marketing budget, what keywords they're optimizing their content and ads for, which pages on their site are most popular, and how much daily traffic they're driving.

This is easily one of my favorite competitive research tools because it is a virtual snapshot of your competitors' most deeply held online marketing secrets. is where you will go to type in your products and services to determine all other related keywords your target market is typing into search engines to find you.

The bottom line is you may be providing tree removal services in NJ, and you may be tempted to simply use that term throughout your entire website.

However, after requesting recommendations from the system, it will return a list of complimentary services, locations and zip codes with the highest degree of online searches for your specific locations, products and services.

So not only does this program guide your online content to be found in search engines, but it also assists you in targeting high-volume business areas, and additional products and services your target market wants from you. is another online marketing gem that quickly allows you to build keywords for your website by combining several phrases you need to incorporate into each keyword.

For example, say you are an accountant located in Los Angeles, but want to ensure you're targeting customers within specific Counties within your area as well, such as Ventura County, Inland Empire, etc.

All you have to do is type all of the locations you wish to target in the first column.

Next, type all of the services you provide in the second column.

Finally, in the third column you can type in several other terms that will help you rank for more specific online searches.

Ex. Ventura County Defense Attorney for DUI

As you see, I put the location in the first column ( Ventura County), the service type in the second column (Defense Attorney), and the specific type of service in the third (for DUI).

Once you have a full list of keywords you wish to target, you can now begin building a page with fresh, original, relevant and  authoritative information for each one so that search engines serve your website for people looking for each specific keyword online.

But first, let's check your existing keyword rankings. is where you will begin checking, and continually monitoring the search engine position of all of your keywords that we have built together above.

Although you will have to install some software, this is so the program can record all of your historical rankings that you will be continually monitoring.

CuteRank also provides line graphs so you can visually inspect the progress, or digression (hopefully not for your sake), of each keyword you decide to track. Now you can adjust your internet marketing strategy accordingly. (formally ODesk) is an online portal where you can find, hire, manage and pay contractors to complete unlimited  amounts of online marketing tasks for your business.

Aside from the cost of paying each contractor you hire, the site is free to use as you please, and you can easily find some very talented people to manage and maintain your online marketing efforts for a very low cost.

Always ensure you check each applicant's credentials and reviews before hiring them.

Although, you do reserve the right to fire any contractor at any time for any reason, so this gives you tremendous flexibility in terms of building the best and most qualified team for all of your marketing efforts. provides you with a very creative and useful "Content Idea Generator."

This tool allows you to enter the keywords we built together with the programs above, and turn them into tangible and attention-grabbing titles that will easily get clicked when seen in search engines, on social media and beyond.

I hope you enjoyed these free online marketing resources.

Let me know if you have any questions by clicking here and filling out our form.


Matt Steffen

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Matt Steffen was Listed by Forbes as the #1 Marketing Consultant Who Avoids the B.S.
Matt Steffen was Listed by Forbes as the #1 Marketing Consultant Who Avoids the B.S.