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A lot of people come to our website every day, looking for the best marketing advice on the planet. I can't blame them.

This is a lot like checking the mailbox for a new shipment from Amazon, letter from a friend or possibly a blank check from some wealthy admirer. But alas, nothing arrived today....

Until now!

I ensure you always get a daily dose of my genius marketing advice.

This economy is crap, and we're all in this together. If my advice helps you create jobs, grow the economy or especially improve your own family's condition, then I will sleep better then a dog with a belly full of turkey.

P.S. Don't feed your dog turkey.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


Matt Steffen

"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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Today's Marketing Advice

This is When Competition is Good for Business

This is When Competition is Good for Business

Let me ask you a question... How much money will you make in a football league where you have the only team? Why would people want to watch you? Why would anyone be interested in football to begin with? Business is like...

Yesterday's Advice

Google’s Search Engine 101

Google’s Search Engine 101

Today I'm going to give you the philosophy behind Google's search engine so you can cater your internet marketing program to be found by more customers online. In this post, I don't want you to see Google as a web...

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