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Our Work: Reporting

Case study 8

The Project

Draus Productions wanted to increase their local client base by leveraging tools such as SEO, email marketing and social media.


The Challenge

Draus Productions had previously enlisted the services of several local and ‘prominent’ SEO and internet marketing companies. On paper, the results seemed overwhelmingly positive in terms of site traffic, bounce rate, page visits and site visit duration. However, these seemingly positive metrics were not translating into actual gains in new clients or resultant increased revenue.

When we explained our proprietary 5-Point Metric system to Draus Productions, they asked why our methods varied significantly from nearly every other online marketing company they had previously engaged. We explained that our experience had taught us that traditional analytics, although valuable, failed to integrate conversions and the resultant revenue realized from SEO and internet marketing efforts. Our approach of measuring revenue along with key traffic analytics was a somewhat revolutionary idea to the company, but they were enthusiastic about the idea effectively measuring and tracking phone/form leads and conversions to ensure a successful campaign implementation that would generate tangible results.


The Result

Through our custom reporting, we were able to determine, that while previous SEO and internet marketing firms had been celebrating the ‘success’ of their keyword ranking, Draus Productions was seriously deficient on effective keywords to drive quality leads. While site traffic had been up, lead generation was clearly down, something Google Analytics simply could not reflect.

Upon implementing new keywords and related quality content optimization into the Draus Productions website, we were able to increase lead generation by 300% within 2 quarters. By continually monitoring not only the level of qualified leads, but also which sources/keywords they had utilized, we were able to leverage our IMmetrics system to perpetuate success and minimize non-contributing marketing elements each step of the way.