Our Process


Before you learn what we do, please let me explain how, and why we do it.

I've assembled the best team of marketing professionals from all over the world to help your business grow.

From former copywriters for Disney, to designers from Apple, my team lives to connect you to your future customers.

When we build and examine our work for clients, we have 2 questions in mind:

  1. Will this make our client the #1 company in their sector?
  2. Will this help make us the #1 Marketing Agency in the world?

That's all we give a damn about, and it's what gives us meaning in this increasingly meaningless world.

But I don't have to tell you -- we know you feel the same exact way about your work.

To your success!

Matt Steffen

"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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Step 1: Plan

  1. We analyze your company, competition and customers.
  2. We create a marketing system plan to reach your target market, and convert them into loyal customers. This may include the following disciplines:
    1. Branding
    2. Advertising
    3. Media Relations
    4. Digital Marketing
    5. Search Engine Optimization
    6. Email Marketing

Also, we make recommendations for the most profitable market segments to target (location, age, socioeconomic, etc.)

For example, see one of our Client's Target Market map below:

Step 2: Execute

We set up your Marketing Portal so you can:

  1. Observe real-time metrics regarding all of your programs
  2. Examine, approve and/or make recommendations to everything we build for you before we promote it, such as articles, ads, etc.

This is also when we contact and schedule video shoots with your company, customers (video testimonials) and/or our stable of advertising performers.

Please see example of our Clients' Marketing Portal below:

Step 3: Analyze

We analyze and adjust all of your marketing efforts to steadily improve your return of marketing investment.

For example, the image below is showing you the metrics for 2 different Facebook ads running or the same clients. After examining the CTR (click through rate), we will delete the first ad, and create a new one to take its place. We do this on an ongoing basis.

Step 4: Optimize

We eliminate poor performing content (ads, articles, etc.) and we create and add new content that we believe will perform better than existing content.

For this process, your account will be assigned several copywriters that will be competing with one another to produce ads that create the most sales. The best performing copywriters on our team are rewarded monthly. These rewards can include paid time off, a flat screen TV, etc.

Local Service Ads

National Product Ads

Customer Testimonials


From Branding to Social Media Management, we are equipped to manage all of your marketing efforts to increase your revenue today, and long into the future.

Our designers and copywriters create Marketing Materials that drive attention, and sales.

We produce logos that stand out from the competition, and drive customer confidence in your brand.

Every article we create for you is accompanied by Social Media memes that we post on your Social Media pages.

You select the holidays, we build and post the artwork to all of your Social Media pages.

Why We Care

Marketing can solve any problem.

Martin Luther King Jr. used speeches to market civil rights and freedoms for all people.

The United States used printed materials with Uncle Sam on the front to drive Americans to defeat the Nazis.

And today, we use every means available to increase your sales, and grow your business.

We absolutely LOVE helping companies to communicate their value, and connect with their customers. We feel as though if we work hard every single day, we will help create jobs, grow the economy and help this country maintain its awesome power worldwide.




Increase your sales now. 

We create and execute a customized marketing system for your business that increases your sales and nobody does it better.