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Some of you may be wondering why you should blog. Well, let's go through the numbers:

  • Search engine optimization is everything you do to your website internally that increases its potential to rank higher on search engine rankings (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). When you read that "content" is related to SEO, you should know that blogging is a huge part of content production. You need to publish a new blog with fresh content daily if you wish to rank significantly higher in search engines.
  • Blogging draws in more traffic to your site as long as you use strategic keywords that you first research in Google Adwords. Research what your potential customer might be typing into a search engine, and as long as the monthly search number is high and the competition is low, list that word as one of your keywords and work it into your blog's content.
  • When customers first discover a website, they are checking for many things. One of them may be how relevant and updated your site is. For example, they might check your press releases, blog or the date at the bottom of your website itself. If they notice that all of this content is somewhat recent, that will certainly act to instill more trust in your brand.
  • As I said, you need to ensure that your blog is relevant to your market niche. Recently I wrote a blog about lakes people are allowed to swim in, in South Jersey. Why, because "South Jersey" is a major keyword for my group, and I needed to find new and interesting ways to get it listed.
  • People are looking for information while they are researching goods and services. According to the Pew Research Center (2010), 57% of Companies in the U.S. have made a sale as a result of maintaining a blog.
  • Keeping the pressure on yourself to blog everyday increases the amount of time you will find yourself learning new relevant information in the interest of publishing fresh and useful content. In school we are required to learn a lot of information in a very short span of time. Learning should never stop despite the size of your profit margin. Blogging is to learning as playing sports is to exercising. As a wise person once said, "teaching is the best way to learn."

There you have it; so what are you waiting for?!

Don't compete — DOMINATE.

Matt Steffen

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Matt Steffen was Listed by Forbes as the #1 Marketing Consultant Who Avoids the B.S.
Matt Steffen was Listed by Forbes as the #1 Marketing Consultant Who Avoids the B.S.

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