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by Henry Beckwith & Christine Clifford

This book is laid out like a series of short blog-type posts, each giving some valuable bits of useful self-promotional tips around the art of being authentic, and selling value through stories. .

There are many lessons in this book -- some of failure and some of success -- that it is really difficult to remember them all and apply them to your life all at once. That is a good thing.

This book is very easy to read in that it is conversational, almost as if the author is speaking to you, rather than at you. The stories and lessons contained within demonstrate what powerful elements are necessary to sell yourself while maximizing your popularity through common sense lessons Beckwith and Clifford (along with their long list of popular friends) had to learn the hard way.

In the end, this is a business book that breaks down how to improve your business life with stories, not tactics, friendly advice, not lectures and experiences, not theory. It's a great fun and casual read that I highly recommend.

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