Well, if you've been reading along you'd know how much I favor using WooRank.com as a website SEO analyzer. However, now you may only use their services once a week, or pay at least a $50/month fee.

Are they crazy? $50 a month when I can still use services such as Hubspot's Website Marketing Grader for free? This free service is great because you can compare your website directly against your competitor' website, and they will automatically generate helpful suggestions.

WooRank.com has been slacking for a long time in terms of monitoring data properly. For example, we use several services to track website results, and for the longest time they were still ranking our website as the 762,097 most popular website in the world. However, my Alexa ranking Toolbar has shown me we were  perpetually improving steadily from 762,097 to 536,654 during that time. Accurate results such as this are vital to me because our website (and some of our clients') is only 4 months old and constant feedback is vital during these early stages of fine-tuning new formats. This is certainly a great justification for using several services.

There are nearly dozens of free services you can find that will analyze your website and offer helpful suggestions. Don't worry, I'll find them for you and post them accordingly. WooRank was good for a time, but you should NEVER pay $50/month for their recent track record of unreliable services.


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