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If you knew your "mechanic" could not fix his own car, would you take your car to him? If you ran a restaurant and needed to hire a "chef", would you hire one who couldn't cook? And lastly, if you needed search engine optimization for your website, would you hire a marketing company who can't even get their own website to the top (or even the first page), of a search engine?

During my marketing checks for our marketing group today, I typed "South Jersey Marketing Agency" where we are always the first result. However, as always, a website who has paid Google to be the first inorganic result was listed before us. Most people realize that this occurs, and that is why only 40% of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising sites actually get clicked. Now I am a huge advocate of PPC advertising, mainly because it is an easy, fast and affordable way to significantly increase traffic to one's site. However, I am shocked that a seemingly reputable marketing agency would actually use pay per click advertising to promote their search engine optimization capabilities. Am I alone?

Again, I love pay-per-click advertising for small business owners in New Jersey looking to jump forward in search engine results very quickly. But using PPC to advertise for SEO is like claiming to be a historian, but paying somebody else to write books for you. Was that a good analogy?


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