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Tell me if this makes sense:

Five unique people visit Pat's Dog Grooming in NJ each week. Whenever somebody visits Pat's Dog Grooming, they are given a brochure with dog care instructions. The brochures cannot be copied, and are not available online. However, after 5 weeks of being open, 298 people have brochures. Logically, only 25 people should have brochures, at the very most. Now sir/ma'am, you tell me - does this make sense to you?

It doesn't make sense to Google either, and that is why quantitative external linking is dead. Yes, SEO bloggers tell you external links must be relevant to your business niche. Yes, marketing experts will say that external links should be diversified in terms of keywords the links is embedded within. For example, if you sell brooms in Salem, Mass., and your website's main keyword is "salem Mass. brooms," than your external linking keywords should be the following:

  • salem mass brooms that are cheap
  • i was in salem mass and found this great broom store
  • best salem mass broom store
  • need affordable brooms, check out this salem mass store
  • etc.

Google has made logical assumptions with regard to what exactly constitutes "external linking spam" by identifying sites with unprecedented keyword consistency and irrelevance that many external links reflect. Google also got out its calculator and realized the amount of volume of people that visit a site is a great indicator of how many external links a site might be reasonable expected to have.

For example:

Website X's Average Daily Volume = 50 visitors

Hypo projected likeliness of a share per visitor based on traditional rates of size and volume in accordance with bounce rate of Website X = 17%

Website X's expected external links each year = 3,102

Standard Deviation of likely external links based on industry maximums and minimums = .28

Actual number of External Links for  Website X = 5,894

Status = Severe deviation

Basically, if your volume isn't justifying the number of shares you can reasonably expect from a certain quantity of your visitors, than you can bet you are spamming the web and will eventually be caught and hunted down like the dog you are.

Look, I am not telling you to cease your external linking program. Just keep them relevant, and reasonable with regard to the current popularity of your site.


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