It's been a busy week with converting the color of our brand to blue, re-building our website, and dominating the competition as always. Either way, today I want to address your question: "what the heck is a keyword?"


What the Heck is a Keyword?


A keyword is a word or phrase that people type into web search engines when looking for stuff. "Stuff" is a term my chemistry professor used to describe nearly everything, and so I think it works nicely here. Google is an example of a search engine, and so is Yahoo and Bing. Except Yahoo and Bing share the same algorithm so if anyone is telling you how to get ranked in each one respectively, than they are clueless about SEO and should be shown the proverbial door.


A Keyword is Online Real-Estate


When you chose what store you wanted to buy/rent or what house you wished to dwell, you thought location, location, location, right? Sure you did, because you read my blog and are therefore are very smart. Anyway, a keyword is not one word or more, it is online real-estate that you can use to be on the main street when people enter the city of search engines.


How to Buy a Keyword


You buy a keyword the same way you buy a store.

  1. Use Google's Online realtor (Google Adword Tool) to research the best keywords to live in. Chose about 3 of the most highly searched, and ideally with the least amount of competition.
  2. Now plug that keyword into the content of the page you wish to optimize for SEO. Ensure your main keyword is in your URL (we didn't personally do this), page title, page header and throughout all of your content.
  3. Now create fresh, original and relevant content as much as possible to increase the chances Google will give you this online real estate. Why do you think we blog everyday? Yes it gets us clients, but Google: New Jersey Marketing Company, New Jersey Marketing Agency, South Jersey Marketing Agency, South Jersey Marketing, New Jersey Marketing, New Jersey Marketing Expert, etc., etc. and see what else it gets us. Yup, a LOT of new business!

Yes there are formulas you can use to rank very quickly, but I just can't give away our candy for free. Experiment with your own ideas about what Google looks for in a website to rank it highly and do just that. Work smart not harder. But always remember that when Google ranks you in the top 6 results with regard to your strategically chosen keyword, than you have officially acquired great online real-estate where your customers can find you. However, don't forget to maintain it!


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