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Last week, 4 different people contacted me and asked me what New Jersey SEO actually is. These requests were the offspring of sheer curiosity, and the fact we have our comment section turned off.

So, what is New Jersey SEO?

New Jersey SEO is the art of promoting your website on search engines through the use of locally focused (New Jersey) Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of leveraging on-site and offsite techniques aimed at ranking your site as highly as possible on search engines for as many high volume and relevant keywords to your organization as possible.

New Jersey has the most dense business and resident population of any state in the U.S. That means tremendous competition (why do you think I moved here from Philadelphia?). With this in mind, it is critical for an organizations to utilize every viable promotional medium at their disposal.

So, let's get down to how you can leverage New Jersey SEO to increase your revenue:

  1. First, know where your target market sits. For example, if you're a gym in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, you must be aware that your target market will exist within a certain geographical radius. You have to be directly aware of what your target market will consider this radius to be, and leverage New Jersey SEO to optimize your website for those keywords. For example:
    • 'Gloucester Township NJ gyms'
    • 'Gyms in Clementon New Jersey' (an inner community)
    • 'Bellmawr gyms' (an inner community)
  2. Now that you have selected some great geographical terms to localize your website for, next I want you to start optimizing your content to be found by your local New Jersey target market online. Let's start with the homepage of your website. Here you want to insert your top 2-3 keywords (in terms of visitor volume you can use this tool to discover) into your content. The proper formula for this changes constantly, so stay tuned to an effective blog to guide your future efforts.
  3. The next step is you want to consistently be promoting your organization online. To do this effectively, you should constantly (3-5 times/week) be creating fresh, original, relevant and authoritative content to be found by your local target market. For example, here are blog topics you should be authoring in the interest of promoting the above gym I mentioned:
    • 'Tips on Finding the Best Bellmawr, NJ Gym'
    • 'Gloucester Township Gym Donates to Charity'
    • 'Gym in Clementon, NJ Promotes Better Health'
  4. Now that you have a basic yet effective on-site New Jersey SEO strategy, next you should optimize your site off-site. What this means is promoting your website on other areas of the web besides your own site. The point of this is search engines look for evidence of your website all over the web, and the more popular it is within your own geographical/business sector, the higher it will rank. There are many ways to accomplish this. One of the best ways is sharing your site content on social media to encourage social media sharing, as well as encouraging other relevant websites to post a link leading to your website. This can be accomplished by guest blogging, frequent blog visitation and engagement (leaving a link to your site in the comment section), and getting your website on as many directories as possible.

Never forget that you have a local business! All too often I see local businesses targeting local clientele with national keywords. For example, the hypothetical gym we mentioned above may make the mistake of optimizing their website for the following keywords:

  • Gym
  • Best gym
  • Gyms

I always laugh when I see this. First of all, you will most likely never get your website ranked for these keywords due to the sheer competition. Also, even if you did rank for these keywords, why would you care if somebody looking for a gym on the other side of the country found you? The bottom line is your keywords should be targeting your local New Jersey market - period.


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