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When organizations band together to maximize their resources in the interest of generating more revenue, that is called alliance marketing.

Alliance Marketing seizes unique opportunities to directly promote their services as loosely based seemingly  bundle promotions.

Have you ever searched for a hotel online, and promotional materials for restaurants and attractions local to that location automatically appeared? Well my friend, that is alliance marketing.

Alliance Marketing vs. Affiliation Marketing

Some people confuse affinity marketing with alliance marketing, however, they are quite different.

Affinity marketing is piggybacking on an existing relationship to better reach your target market. In essence, you partner with another a party who has credibility with the members of your market as a sort of endorsement as well as an introduction to your products from a trustworthy source.

Affiliation marketing is a long-term relationship built on mutual incentives that are exchanged back and forth as referrals are made to seemingly non-competitive organizations whose buyers share the same similar behaviors.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


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"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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