Take a philosophical approach to search engine optimization. The idiots who break it down to numbers, links, words and page rank are dead wrong. I got a free website with absolutely no professional SEO to the top of Google for critical keywords companies pay to rank for simply by "doing business." So basically, your website needs to "do business."


How Do You "Do Business?"

Let's start with what Google wants from you, philosophically, because they are the fat bouncer in front of the club with all of the beautiful people inside. Among other things, Google wants you to provide fresh, original, relevant and authoritative information to users. Focus on exactly that. For example:

I am Googling "how to dispose of wood." Here is what came up first: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090702085850AA4jNta

This is the Yahoo Answers website. So why did this result come up first? It's because they did business. They didn't invest in thousands of external links, instead they provided me with:

  • Reliable content that decreased bounce rate with pristine relevance
  • Authoritative content written by an expert based on peer feedback
  • Fresh content that transcends months and years because it is updated regularly
  • Original content that users feel compelled to share throughout the web

This is the stuff Google wants at the top. Don't see your website as a resource for your business.; see your website as a resource for your customer. By the way, a sales pitch, a podcast and a few dozen keywords are not resources.

Be the dream website every customer wants to see when they Google your keywords. For example, if I Google "how to remove mold," than I expect to see a local business who composed a blog about removing mold. Because this is what this company specializes in, I would expect them to have pictures, videos, podcasts, and of course, items I can buy directly from them. Now, I may be thinking of copying the items and checking its price on Amazon, so, proactively implant information to show how that is not a good idea for whatever reason. How about a free consultation? Amazon can't compete with that.

 The point is, people ask Google questions and so it is your job to answer questions with regard to your business niche, perfectly. Answer first, sell second. Want to know something about "New Jersey Marketing?" Google it and see what pops up first in the non-paid results 😉


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