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How can I get my picture on Google?

Hi, I'm Matthew Steffen from Imprinsic Marketing Group, New Jersey's most dominant marketing agency. I blog everyday and am always at a loss for good pictures to insert in each posting.

So how will I get your picture to the top of Google search images?

Simply send a picture of yourself to me email:, and I will be glad to get your photo ranked as high as possible in Google for when people Google your name. I will simply use your photo in one of blogs, as I did in this blog with myself and my beautiful girlfriend (you'll notice this process takes at least 2 weeks to work). Please include your first name so I know what to tell Google the picture is about. Nearly every image we use ranks very highly on Google with respect to its keyword.

That's all you must do, and it's free.

Why am I doing this?

Basically I am trying to dissect Google's search engine algorithm in the interest of our clients' collective success. I have used my picture over 30 times, and I refuse to use images from the web. Also, my staff is extremely shy.

*Disclaimer- your photo will not be reused for any other purpose. Once your photo is uploaded to its respective blog page, it will be deleted. Your photo will only be listed as the name you communicate to us via email. If we receive one complaint about any picture we receive, it will be deleted from this website permanently with no exceptions. We will not be held responsible for any image that does not rank highly on Google due the the high competition rate of a given name. Example: "Whitney Houston". Any spam we receive will be deleted and the source will be submitted to Google free of charge.


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