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Wayne's World is all about desperate promotion in the interest of passionate brand perpetuation. Sure you've probably seen it, but I encourage you to watch it again to gain a refreshed understanding of the importance of hosting large-scale events.

This entire movie centers around the passion of two television personalities who wish to throw a rock concert, thereby promoting their business and great music.

This is a great movie about marketing because I think, in this digital age of online-acquired clients, and office-riding executives, that it's more important today, more than ever, to get out into the world and do real big stuff that our target markets care about.

For instance, very few companies are leveraging event marketing to increase the public's awareness of their brand, through media attention, market invitation and participation.

What this movie is great at demonstrating is seemingly insurmountable challenges always seem to dissolve under the penetrating forces of hard work and a little luck.

Frankly, I didn't find this move funny, but I did find it enjoyable, like sitting on my deck drinking coffee and watching a beautiful rainstorm. Finally enough, some movies are just fun to watch, and this is one of them. Enjoy!

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