Click here for full list of my favorite marketing tools. is where you will go to type in your products and services to determine all other related keywords your target market is typing into search engines to find you.

The bottom line is you may be providing tree removal services in NJ, and you may be tempted to simply use that term throughout your entire website.

However, after requesting recommendations from the system, it will return a list of complimentary services, locations and zip codes with the highest degree of online searches for your specific locations, products and services.

So not only does this program guide your online content to be found in search engines, but it also assists you in targeting high-volume business areas, and additional products and services your target market wants from you.

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"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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My favorite Gif maker is makeagif. Clever name, isn't it? In case you don't know what a Gif is, it's a motion picture that only lasts a few seconds. A Gif is a great way to express an idea, get someone's attention,...

Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms

I love Cognito Forms. I use them for all of our clients, and they are 100% reliable and secure, as far as we have seen since we began using them several months ago. Most WordPress forms (and form plugins) can break or...

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