A business owner walking into a marketing agency demanding NJ SEO services that will propel his/her business to the top of Google very quickly is like a 350 lb. man walking into a gym and wanting washboard abs in 4 weeks. Neither is likely to happen safely, or logically. Never-the-less, every day, all over the world, CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and mom and pops are begging for quick search engine ranking despite the carnal knowledge we have all been raised with: Anything worth anything takes time.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the effort of getting a website to rank on search engines for select keywords. A keyword is a word or phrase that people type into search engines to find stuff. That stuff is always either: Information, entertainment or socialization. Now, what I have learned from studying Matt Cutts and the evolution of search engines like Google is search engine optimization for NJ small business owners is not a contest about how much information you can post about your product or services, but rather, how much value you can provide to online searchers in the form of information, entertainment and socialization.

For example, if you Google: "How to get women", you will get these results: Click here

Now, what you'll notice is a diverse listing of stuff about how to get women. What you'll also notice is a forum, a video and several sites with numbered lists. Now, what Google did here was conduct, not 1, but a few different 'SEO races' to decided which websites should rank for this keyword, which presumably could generate some nice change if the site is properly optimized. After all, a man who wants a woman will easily spend three quarters of his paycheck to find her, and the rest of his paycheck on the actual date.

The point is, with regard to hiring a New Jersey SEO company or conducting SEO yourself, you have several different opportunities to rank your website, and not just with a clever blog. For example, you can create:

  1. Forums
  2. Videos
  3. Podcasts
  4. Memes
  5. Slideshows
  6. Games
  7. Directories
  8. Book clubs
  9. Whitepapers
  10. Q and A forms
  11. Etc.

The bottom line is you want to try and leverage all of this stuff in an overall balanced approach to maximize, not only interest in your brand, but online visibility by giving Google several different diverse reasons to rank your website highly for valuable keywords you are targeting.

Now, I hope you don't think I was going to paddle you down this stream of SEO knowledge and not show you how to get back home. Never.

Let me now give you a practical example of how you can begin doing exactly what I'm suggesting.

Identify Keyword, Content and Plan

Say you're a painter in Wildwood, NJ. Okay, so what you want to focus on is two things, what keywords will bring buyers to your site, and how can you leverage content for those keywords to ensure Google ranks your site highly? Let's just say a good keyword is 'wildwood, nj painter.' So, here is a list of content you can begin generating now in the interest of getting new customers online:

  • Blog - compose articles such as: '10 Things to Look for in a Wildwood, NJ Painter.'
  • Podcast - compose a recording on a podcast website such as Podomatic, and create a Podcast like this: 'Expert Advice from a Wildwood, NJ Painter.'
  • Forum - create a forum for consumers looking for tips and tricks from leading local painters, ahem, you.
  • Video - create a video on how to do difficult painting tasks such as taping and elaborate patterns.

This is enough to get you started. Update all of this stuff on a regular basis, and ensure that all information, entertainment and socialization roads concerning painting in Wildwood, NJ lead through your website. This way search engines will see you as an expert, and you will rank highly for not one, but several valuable keywords that will get you new customers online.

Now it's time for a delicious Dominican cigar and and nice glass of Black Label scotch. After all, the morning is young and I earned it 😉


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