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It's a good thing Facebook went public because the capital investment they are needing to get their search engine going is sizable to say the least. I'm in a bad mood tonight but as always I am going to share with you my unbridled marketing genius. The future of Facebook is search engines. Yea I know you hear wack-jobs saying it's mobile advertising, but I am convinced that is a red-herring these marketing idiots on Madison Ave are eating for their corporate lunch.

Now back to the fact that the future of Facebook is search engines. If they're smart they'll call it Facesearch (it is currently a face search engine), and it will base its results on the experiences and makeup of people within your community. Now what you consider to be 'your community' is up to you. Now they will create a pool of current information about 700 million people to create a search engine based on suggestions from groups you can filter. For example, if you're a fine young lady looking for a hot spot to meet a nice young man, than you might search a local club, and then just for you, Facebook compiles statistics concerning the collective:

  1. Demographics of those in attendance
  2. Male-to-female ratio
  3. Reviews from friends
  4. Amount of Facebook friends [currently/planning on] visiting

Now of course you can turn all of this search criteria nonsense off. After all, I don't want Facebook friends knowing I spend Friday nights drinking Scotch in the back of a dark library like Morgan Freeman in Se7en. Rather, you can set your search setting as extrovert or as introvert as possible. And guess what, advertising will take on a whole new face.

Take a look at this graph I created with regard to my hypothesis regarding the proportion of the marketing and word of mouth (WOM) influence:

Here you can see that marketers have more power to influence buying decisions as technology improves; also, the word of mouth influence improves because Facebook specifically is placing more emphasis on word of mouth advertising rather than ads. This is because Mark Zuckerberg believes that the chances somebody will try a product increases proportionate to the how well they know the person who is suggesting it. He is right, and this is most aptly demonstrated when family members make recommendations to one another.

Also, as social sharing increases, so do metrics. Facebook will capitalize by not only having the ability to tell advertisers the: who, what, where, when how and why with regard to their niche market, they will also be able to charge for it. If your niche market is on Facebook, say goodbye to surveys and focus groups.


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