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Algorithms that Google and Bing use to determine the best search engine optimization approaches you can take to increase your website’s presence online change every day; however, not that dramatically. Although we at Imprinsic Marketing group have far-reaching technical abilities that rival that of any web design firm on Madison Avenue, to us, search engine optimization is more of an art than a technical science. It is because of this that we can easily teach you this art and avoid all of the technical jargon and subsequent rote instruction.

In the stone age of SEO, online marketers would manipulate search engines by doing what is called black hat SEO. Black Hat SEO could be many things, but is is always unethical and always violates Google’s terms of service.

One example of Black Hat SEO is quantitative external linking. External linking is the process of getting a link leading to your website on as many websites as possible. So-called SEO “experts” would promise several thousand “high quality links on high quality websites.” The idea of this practice is it would trick Google into thinking a website was more popular and valuable than it actually was by appearing all over the net. However, Google noticed over time that the user experience of its search engine was being compromised by sites that had zero content, zero value and an overwhelming amount of sales propositions. This would result in users having to search for proper results of one keyword for several minutes, or several different keywords for proper results for several minutes. Either way, the less people use Google, the less Google makes in advertising for those top 1-3 results you may see highlighted at the top of every search.

Our philosophy here at Imprinsic Marketing Group is that when a person goes online for goods/services, they usually start with a question. That question could be “how much is this going to cost,” or “who are the best providers of this service in my area?” We know this and Google knows this, which is why we cater our entire system to bringing value to users that is:

  • Fresh
  • Original
  • Relevant
  • Authoritative

So, ask yourself this question: if I was my own customer and came to my website, could I find everything I would need to learn about the services I provide? Allow me to elaborate with this line of questioning for yourself:

  1. How often is my content updated with fresh, original, relevant and authoritative advice and information with regard to my industry?
  2. How much information does my site have, and how relevant and consistent is it?
  3. Are any words misspelled, sentences too long/brief, and are there too many advertisements?
  4. Are there broken links, duplicate content, and muddled formats?
  5. Are there sufficient internal links, headers that are relevant to visitors’ needs and navigation menus that are user-friendly?
  6. How often is my site shared on social media?   
  7. Websites are ranked, in large degree, in terms of popularity versus their competitors.
  8. How many different mediums am I using to inform and educate visitors, i.e. blogs, webcasts, videos, illustrations, etc.

When you analyze your site like from a visitor’s perspective, you are inadvertently analyzing it from Google’s perspective. And when you sync your expectations with Google’s, than you are setting the proper tasks and goals required to begin ranking as highly as possible for viable keywords that will get you new business. As I always say…

To your success!


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