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Sister Act is the story of a lounge singer (Dolores, played by Whoopie Goldberg) who is forced into the witness protection program as a nun after she witnesses her mob boss boyfriend commit murder.

The head of the convent tries to prevent Dolores from influencing her sisters; however, being a lounge singer, Dolores (who the nuns know as Sister Mary Francis) soon takes control of the choir.

At this time, the church has a very, VERY small following. After a few short weeks, the new choir drives a huge new following, including national media attention that even gets the attention of the pope.

The changes Sr. Mary Francis made to the choir were the following:

  • She taught the choir how to sing (formerly, they were horrible)
  • She instructed the choir to perform modern popular secular songs, with words of Catholic teachings
  • She brought the nuns into the community to mingle with locals, while cleaning and beautifying the local area



This movie is a beautiful meditation of the power of music, and and the importance of compromise.

The well written and performed music in this movie is a reminder that marketing isn't about singing, it's about getting your target market to sing along with you.

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