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My buddy Eric has a very muscular back. He really didn't even have to do much to it, and it just grew. He was completely happy with it despite the fact his anatomy appeared weak in many other places. His chest looked like a 10-year-old's, and I swear his biceps went in the opposite direction when he flexed them. But he didn't really care. Take into consideration he (we) was/were only lifting weights to attract some very happening dames. He would dedicate at least a couple minutes each day to checking out his "flawless" back in the mirror at Island Gym in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

My friend Michelle has a great website. She never asked my opinion of it, but I happen to like it very much. She is very proud that she ranks so highly with regard to certain keywords. I believe she is so happy to be ranking for these keywords because she doesn't write new content or seek external links, and yet, she still ranks pretty highly. She would happily Google, Bing and Yahoo search her favorite keywords each day to monitor her rankings that she was so darn proud of.

However, Eric was not meeting new girls and Michelle was not getting any SEO traffic. Why you ask?

The bottom line is that it does not matter what muscles you incidentally build or web ranking you accidentally generate; search engine optimization and weight lifting is about balance and goals. If your goal is to rank on Google for a keyword that nobody wants because it does not generate traffic, I'd say that is the same as doing an exercise that will not increase strength or stamina. What the heck are you doing it for?

My friend Eric might have had more luck if his chest or arms developed at a rapid pace, but they did not. And unfortunately women could not see his "flawless" back when he approached. Michelle was just as bad because she also refused to put in the extra work to focus her efforts on keywords that would actually generate more web traffic.

The bottom line is, don't Google silly keywords day-in and day-out and get satisfaction from seeing your result. Use Google's Keyword Tool and find the keywords that are driving the most traffic with regard to your market nich, and focus on them. The key to SEO and weight lifting is: you are only as good as your weakest link/keyword.


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