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Capitalism is everywhere. If you have significant financial means, you get the best doctor, lawyer, accountant, banker and dinner. If you are a 15-year-old kid from Camden, New Jersey with one parent and no TV, than you get an ER visit, a public defender, a calculator and one serving of whatever you can afford to eat. No I am not a socialist; rather, I am a business person who understands the word "fair" is a subjective term. However, none of that is important here. What is important is you need to understand Google fights daily to ensure money does not buy search engine algorithm success - quality content does.

Not too long ago, big companies like JC Penny were getting away with buying their way to the top of search engines with so-called "black hat" SEO techniques. This is basically what people in the SEO biz label as unethical, unscrupulous, and eventually impractical techniques for getting websites ranked. JC Penny evidently hired an SEO agency who created several hundred granular retail sites that had no extrinsic value, however linked specifically to JC Penny's website. This is known as an external link, and can be very valuable if proper sites are linked to your website. The New York Times cracked the story, and I believe it was one of the largest motivators for Google's Panda update to their search algorithm.

Today's search engine landscape is much different than in 2011 and even 2012. While the goals of search engines have always been the same - provide the most authoritative, useful, original and relevant content to users - the systems and penalties in ensuring their success has evolved dramatically. Nevertheless, the point of this posting can be found in the last sentence, in that the goal of your website should be to...

provide the most authoritative, useful, original and relevant content to users.

Yes it takes time, yes it takes knowledge, and yes sometimes a little bit of luck; however, SEO does not require money. All you must do is subscribe to my blog and follow our Podcasts, and you will have SEO success in no time at all. 


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