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I was driving home from Piscataway, NJ today after researching a new client's competitor, and a friend of mine text-ed me a request to take a look at his boss's small business SEO report. SEO (search engine optimization) of course refers to how well his website is ranking on web search engines. I took a look at how well the website ranked for 33 keywords, and I am ready to make my recommendations to my friend's boss, and right now to you.

Okay New Jersey, here is my advice to your small business with regard to optimizing your own website for search engines:

  • If you are a small business in New Jersey, than most likely that is where your customer is shopping. In other words, they are typing "NJ framer", or "Cumberland County Marketing Company." My point is use these local phrases as your keywords. We use "New Jersey Marketing Agency", "New Jersey Marketing Company" and "South Jersey Marketing Agency." This is where we work, so these are the keywords we use to reach... well, you!
  • Research each keyword (start with about 6) to measure how often they are actually getting typed into search engines. Use the Google AdWords Tool to measure how often each keyword is being searched, and how much competition each one has. If they are all listed as "high" competition, call me (856.685.7194) so we can dominate your competition never-the-less. Don't forget that each small business in New Jersey is employing similar SEO techniques so you must always be ahead of the game.

There you go. The best way to measure how well you are doing in terms of SEO is to type each of your small business's keywords into a foreign computer that you're not signed into, and mind where you rank. If you are not ranked in the top 5 organic results (results that are not highlighted), don't even bother. The highlighted results are PPC (pay per click) advertising that only get clicked 40% of the time (Hubspot, 2011)- and they pay through the nose for it.

The amount of time I spend to get ranked highly on Google is well worth the amount of clients it generates each month. If you write it, they will....


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