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One of the biggest decisions you need to consider with regard to conducting SEO for New Jersey Real Estate is whether you should leverage PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While PPC will quickly get your Real Estate website ranked at the top of search engines for viable keywords relating to your properties (business or commercial), PPC can get very expensive, and it is not guaranteed to generate a significant return of investment. SEO on the other hand requires much less of an investment, yet, with slower results.

Today I am going to show you how to:

  1. Rank #1 for every search regarding New Jersey Real Estate
  2. Build a loyal online following that followers will refer buyers to you as an industry expert

PPC for New Jersey Real Estate

PPC can be very effective at increasing the amount of leads you can quickly generate from seemingly non-relevant searches relating to your properties. For example, if somebody Googles, " how to start a (insert business) in New Jersey," this is a great opportunity for your properties to appear at the top of their search result's page for local commercial properties in New Jersey that they may wish to rent/buy in the interest of starting their business.

SEO for New Jersey Real Estate

However, your best option for maximum online visibility and minimum cost is leveraging SEO for New Jersey Real Estate. In order to perform SEO properly, Google needs to recognize your Real Estate website as the Mecca of Real Estate Property advice in New Jersey. With this in mind, you need to be consistently generating the following (or have us do so):

    • Tips on how to select ideal commercial real estate for a business (broken down by sectors), and/or how best to select the best residential real estate to start a family (with the consideration of schools, commuting, taxes, sports leagues, etc.)
    • Analysis of emerging trends in property value and market
    • How to rehabilitate a property, with before and after photos
    • Observations on mortgage rates and depreciation
    • Tips on moving in ("Chapter 7: Who Should be on Your Home's Calling List?").

Just ensure you don't:

  • Brag about how much money/success your office generated last year/quarter (this is often difficult for me to bite my tongue)
  • Reveal confidential information with regard to clients
  • Bash other Real Estate Agencies

That's about all you need to get started. Good luck to you!


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