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On site Search Engine Optimization is focused mainly on the creation of quality content that will hopefully draw visitors through online search, then satisfy them by providing the information they are seeking. Of course there are other elements of on site SEO, including proper metadata development and appropriate hyper-linking, but content is the key. Of course, the content not only has to be 'attractive' and 'compelling,' it also has to be relevant and knowledgeable. So, creating useful content is going to take significant time, and unless you have significant resources, you will have to find a balance between required SEO content development and practical limits on either the quantity or quality you will be able to produce.

Balancing SEO Content Development Quantity Versus Quality

So what, exactly are the competing goals here? Fundamentally, it boils down to the need for the content on your site to be, beyond the primary requirement of being original in nature (if it's duplicate content in any way, don't even bother posting it), current, relevant, and authoritative. I always add a fifth requirement that some folks overlook -- your content needs to integrate with you marketing goals. Oh, it goes unsaid that your site content needs to be grammatically correct and if at all possible, engaging if not entertaining.

Unlike a lot of things that need to be done for SEO, the generation of content that meets all of these criteria is simply not a task that can be streamlined by process improvement and is not a good candidate for global-economy outsourcing. It requires both talent and skill crafting prose that is true to the idiom of your target audience. When it's not what it needs to be, people know it right away, and only the least discerning can be expected to ignore or accept it. When it comes to writing good content, the talent can't be learned, and the skill necessary requires learning, practice and consistent application.

The bottom line is that creating good content can't be reduced to a commodity, and therefore it's going to take both time and money to get ongoing SEO content development right. That's OK in and of itself -- if you don't consider marketing to be one of the unavoidable costs of doing business, you probably won't have ongoing business expenses to worry about for too long anyway -- but the question becomes one of determining exactly how much quality SEO content development your website needs on an ongoing basis to meet your site traffic goals. I'll talk about how to go about that that in my next post.


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