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Rita's Water Ice kicks off every first day of Spring with their annual giving away of one regular sized Water Ice to everybody who stops by a Rita's Water Ice vendor.

So you may be wondering how this is a good marketing tactic? After-all, that is a lot of free water ice to be giving away.

Well, let's go through the numbers:

1) Rita's provides a seasonal product, and now they are re-opening for business and need to ensure that everybody knows it.

But guess what, instead of spending countless advertising dollars on billboards, radio ads and newspaper prints, they simply send out a few press releases and substitute that advertising budget for offering a real valuable benefit to their target market. They'll let all the free Press do their advertising for them.

2) The Re-Visit Rule™ is a marketing concept I invented to discover the likelihood of a customer returning to a given store after the first visit.

This rule stipulates how much money should be invested in getting a certain portion of your market in the door for the first time which should be compensated by the amount of visits you can expect from them in the future. This comes for the psychological idea of the natural effects of familiarity. Clearly Rita's has determined the free water ice easily justifies getting most of these people as paying customers later on.

3) This is the ultimate form of inbound marketing.

That is, Rita's is attracting future customers through the act of goodwill (free Water Ice). Inbound Marketing leaves a very positive effect on market bases that increases sales and popularity.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


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