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So, you've done your due SEO diligence and researched and recorded the best keywords for your business by analyzing:

  1. What keywords your competition is using
  2. What keywords have you been using, and have they effectively driven quality leads
  3. What keywords did you research that drive relatively high quality volume
  4. What keywords, out of all of the ones you have researched, have you decided are the most logical in terms of volume, and breadth

Now, you have a pretty good list of keywords that you are ready to add to your website; however, you will first need to remember that

search engines such as Google will dilute the effectiveness of each high volume keyword, perpetually, with every new keyword you add.

For example, say you live in Burlington County, and you're a tall balding lawyer with a face so ugly, even your mother doesn't like you.

Okay, so you did your research and found the following keywords are highly effective:

  • Burlington County divorce lawyer - 200 CPMs (clicks per month)
  • Burlington County divorce arbitration - 140 CPMs
  • Burlington County divorce mediation - 130 CPMs

Now, the big mistake you should avoid is assimilating all of these keywords onto your homepages, or any page, unless your website has the domain authority and web marketing cache to support it.

Instead, spread these keywords out amongst other pages, and then optimize each page for that keyword. Yup yup, that will fill the cup.

Eventually (as your site's SEO improves), begin adding additional keywords. Whatever you do, focus on one keyword at a time. SEO is like the gym - keywords are like weights - it takes a while to increase them!

Don't compete — DOMINATE.


Matt Steffen

"Don't compete -- DOMINATE!"

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