I love working with search engine optimization (SEO) and Google because it is like a constant game of chess to learn what their programmers are thinking, and what their famous search engine algorithm is perpetuating. Perhaps the word "perpetuating" didn't really work there, but I needed a dramatic word that ended with an "ing."

By the way, yesterday I picked up a really old man who appeared confused while walking on the side of a dangerous road in Laurel Springs, NJ. I was taking my boys to the Pop Shop in Collingswood, New Jersey and Sue ended up buying the guy groceries before we dropped him off at his home. Now Sue (who works with old people), wants us to periodically check up on him to make sure he is okay. Uggh, Irish women.

Anyway, here's a great way to track what keywords Google is associating with your website. Go to the Google Ad Words Tool and type in your company name. It will show you how many people Google it each month, and what keywords search engines engines are associating with it. If you check out "Imprinsic" you will see that Google is portraying us exactly how we wish to be portrayed (too many "portrays").

So check out your own company name (as long as it is distinct) and see what Google thinks about you.


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