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by Ray Kroc

Grinding It Out was written by Ray Kroc about his amazing life in building, today, the second largest fast food restaurant in the world.

The man's journey was so interesting that they made a movie about him.

This book paints fascinating insights into the man while divulging certain embarrassing details such as the fact he cheated on his wife, was ripped off by a con man and basically destroyed the original McDonald brothers' first and only restaurant that they were allowed to keep, after he bought them out.

Ray also divulges many philosophies he had that the burger chain seems to be dealing with today, such as:

Ray was AGAINST Automation

Ray felt a smiling employee was half the reason people went to McDonald s in the first place.

However, I'd say 90% of people who visit McDonald's today agree that a smile is the LAST thing they are greeted with. Ray NEVER would have stood for this dereliction of duty.



Ray Felt Sorry for Liberals

Ray had many enemies who really just seemed to hate capitalism.

He admitted feeling sorry for liberals because they don't realize all of the tremendous benefits of capitalism that they live under, such as low prices, product consistency and innovation.

Ray Copied His Competition

Just like Sam Walton, Ray was proud of the fact that he modeled a lot of his business and products around his competition.

For example, the Big Mac was invented after Burger King's "Whooper," and when Ray noticed Catholics going to Bob's Big Boy to eat fish on Catholic holidays, Ray began selling Fish Fillet sandwiches.


Ray BANNED Jukeboxes and Vending Machines

Today this seems like common sense to ban a vending machine from a fast food restaurant, but back then, these were staples of that industry.

While jukeboxes encouraged teens to visit fast food chains, Ray saw the youngsters as "loiterers" who didn't buy much food and scared families away. Ray built McDonald's around families.

Some people have strong views toward Ray, one way or the other.

What I can admire is he played the game, won, and gave the McDonald brothers exactly what they wanted: $1 million dollars each, after taxes.

At the end of the day, if you don't wish to spread the value you have in your hands, sell it to someone who will.

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