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by Robert B. Cialdini

Cialdini is back, decades after his persuasive masterpiece, Influence.

Pre-Suasion is a guide to being more persuasive. The method is simple: Arrange for an audience to agree with your message, before it's delivered.

That may seem mystical, but it isn't.

I'm now going to show you this method of pre-suasion, while also teaching you one critical application of this technique that you can begin using.

Consider these 2 headlines:

Headline 1: Buy These Healthy Strawberries - They're On Sale All Week!


Headline 2: Because You Want to be Healthy, Buy These Strawberries - On Sale All Week!


If we were measuring the effectiveness of these headlines on the masses, the second headline would prevail in selling the most strawberries.

Is that which one would be more effective at getting you to buy strawberries? If so, you may be wondering how.

All too often, when we are told a statement about ourselves, we find reasons to agree with it, or rationalize why it's true.

For example:

  • You are smart: "Well, I do read a lot of articles."
  • You are attractive: "Well, that's what my wife tells me."
  • You are hard working: "Even though I'm unemployed, I do work hard when I have a job."
  • You want to be healthy: "Even though I eat wings and soda every day, I do want to be more healthy.:"
  • You get angry fast: "Well, I do yell at other drivers sometimes."

Humans are great at rationalizing what we are told about ourselves, especially if it's positive.

There was a great quote I read in a book once. It was something like: "We judge others by their actions, and ourselves on our intentions."

Again, this is only one application of this pre-suasion technique, but as you can see, we are already setting the stage, to get the person we wish to persuade, to agree with us about who they are, and what they do.

This book is EXTREMELY long-winded. Cialdini admitted he wrote the book for his grand kids, and so he knew it "had to be really good."

Either way, I liked it a lot. It gave tons of useful examples of pre-suasion in action which means you'll come away with the practical advice you need to be more "pre-suasive." and close more sales at the same time!

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