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A NJ small business owner's SEO strategy needs to entail one thing, and one thing only: blogging. Do you know how we rank within the top 3 non-paid Google results for literally hundreds of keywords, such as "New Jersey Marketing?" Blogging. Because we blog every day, Google recognizes our site as a fresh, relevant and authoritative source with regard to whatever information we publish. This is also why a picture of my face appears next to our search engine result.

You need to start blogging at least 3-5 times a week if you want more prospects to find you online. Yes, external linking is important; however, if you are constantly blogging useful information, than other websites will naturally link to you either way.

Now some of you may wonder what you should be blogging about. Well, what do you do? If you operate a Bed & Breakfast, start blogging about the best sites to see with regard to where your establishment is located. If you sell boat hardware, you need to be blogging about how to use your products, how to winterize a boat, etc. The point is, blogging is something your competitor is either not doing, or not doing correctly, so this is a great opportunity for you to get more prospects to know you, like you and eventually trust you (definition of marketing).

NJ Small Business Owner's SEO Strategy - Blogging

  1. When blogging - no plagiarizing. Google's algorithm can spot this and your entire site could lose ranking as a result.
  2. It is better to blog 4 days in a row than 4 times in one day. Spread your blogs out consistently.
  3. Target critical keywords that your homepage doesn't. My blog "How to Select a South Jersey Marketing Agency" still ranks above all of our competitors for "South Jersey Marketing" and several other keywords. That blog alone brings in roughly 10 new clients a month.
  4. Be yourself. A blog adds personality to your company, which is increasing in importance with this cold digital age we are now submerged. Be the fun alternative to your corpse of a competitor, and people will follow where good humor takes them. Write your blogs like you're writing to a friend.
  5. Blogging makes you a better small business owner because it helps you to anticipate what your customer wants to know. When you become obsessed with solving your customer's problems on your blog, you will find new business opportunities to increase profits in ways you never dreamed. Why do you think we got into SEO which has been immensely more profitable than consulting?
  6. Do it today! Not tomorrow, not the day after - today! Of course I know you are nervous about throwing yourself out there to be judged. However, the best growth comes from putting yourself in uncomfortable positions.


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