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When I was in Basic Training in Fort Benning Georgia, the Drill Sergeants would continually harass us about standards and rules that we needed to absorb to become "great" soldiers.  Now, when I enlisted I was 25; however, most of my peers during the training were aged 18-20. Because of this, my class of privates were super sensitive to every rule and standard given.

For example, if the Drill Sergeants said "don't do your laundry until Sunday afternoon, you wouldn't catch a private doing laundry until 4 pm. If the Drill Sergeants said, "ensure you hold your breath while firing your weapon", you'd have privates passing out because they forced themselves to hold their breath  while qualifying with their weapon, for 10 minutes!

The point is, a rule, like any other thing in nature, has rules, and just because Matt Cutts (the head of Google webspam) is speaking out against 'spammy' guest blogging does not mean guest blogging is no longer a viable tactic for increasing your SEO (search engine optimization) and subsequent leads, followers, authorship and visibility. Instead, Matt is saying what we have always known: Spam will be ignored (or punished), and quality content will be rewarded.

Now watch the following video of Matt explaining Google's newest algorithm change concerning guest blogging:



New Rules of Guest Blogging According to Matt Cutts

So, if you payed close attention to what Matt is saying, he is simply stating what we have always known will work in terms of SEO to guest blogging.

Here are some things to keep in mind when guest blogging, in accordance with what Matt said in the video above:

  • Ensure you typically write content relevant to the site's subject matter, or audience's interests
  • Strive for 'expert' standing (high following on Google+ and complimentary authorship)
  • Ensure you or the site owner writes a short paragraph about why you were invited to write an article on this blog, and include your credentials
  • Minimize keyword rich anchor text
  • DO NOT spin articles for multiple sites
  • Guest blog in moderation (if you are writing more guest blogs than content for your own site, than you are probably wrong)

As always, the rule of thumb for creating rich SEO-friendly content for search engines, and more importantly your audience, is to create FORA content:

  • Fresh
  • Original
  • Relevant
  • Authoritive

The bottom line is you need to always be creating valuable content for an audience that will appreciate it. If you break the law, you go to jail - if you violate Google's terms of service, your site will get penalized. The only difference is Google is smarter than the police, so I wouldn't risk it!


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