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If you're a New Jersey business owner, you may have heard about about a somewhat unique program we are currently running that offers a complete Imprinsic SEO implementation and a month of administration in exchange for providing us with six months of access to site traffic metrics in support of a new book we'll be publishing in 2013. The subject of the book covers Search Engine Optimization methods in the wake of the significant changes Google has made to their search algorithm over the last year, but the subtext could easily be identified as New Jersey SEO and Customer Trust

The offer is fairly pragmatic - what I like to call an 'everyone wins' scenario, where one party receives a service of real value (the company receives a complete SEO program implementation) and the other party also gains (Imprinsic gets the hard data it needs to prove that its unique method for SEO success delivers on its' promise).

The funny thing (or maybe not so funny thing) is that in this day and age where it seems every other offer you see or hear about is either 'free,' 'new and improved,' or (my current personal favorite) 'just one simple trick that will save you money on insurance/losing weight/whatever-the-heck-else,' it seems that people have pretty much come to believe that what they're hearing from marketers to try to get them to respond is at least to some degree a lie.

And honestly, that stinks. It stinks to be lied to, it stinks to be living in an time where untruths are taken as an acceptable part of everyday existence, and, from a business perspective, it stinks that by default, commerce is being conducted in a low trust environment. 


New Jersey SEO and Customer Trust

To expand on the last point, starting out a business relationship on the basis of a less-than-honest marketing call-to-action makes it difficult, if not impossible to build the strong foundation of the kind of ongoing (repeat) business customers that are critical to long-term success. And how could it be any other way? If someone buys a product or service from you, and even if they're satisfied with it, but knows you got them to come through the door without a fully-honest marketing proposition, how likely are they to come to rely on you in the long term? At the very least, if they find an alternative resource that doesn't have that (even slight) cloud of doubt hanging over the relationship, they're going to be inclined to give that business a try.

The same holds true for Search Engine Optimization. Too many businesses have taken shortcuts in their program to improve web search rankings, and the more they relied on somewhat-less-than-truthful methods to do so the more they have found that their New Jersey SEO and customer trust have both taken a hit.

Going forward, SEO programs that aren't based on the fundamentals of honest marketing and providing quality products or services that beat the competition fair-and-square, are bound to fail. That's one of the reasons why we have found success with our method: It is aligned with Google and other search engines' primary goal: To provide real value to people who are searching for information.

I'll be expanding more on that concept in future posts, but the take-away is a simple one: If you run a legitimate business, your operations on the web are confronted with both an ethical challenge and an opportunity for competitive advantage. The challenge is to gain more customers by seeking them out in a scrupulously honest way, and the opportunity is that what you have to offer is superior to the vast majority of similar-sounding search results that will accompany your listings on the web.

Don't compete — DOMINATE.