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Yesterday I had the honor of meeting Dr. Judith Beck, President of the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Dr. Judith Beck is the Sigmund Freud of today. However, she doesn't draw seemingly incompatible parallels between contemporary behavior and 5th Century Greek drama; rather, her approach centers on appealing to one's logical sense in the interest of evaluating and relinquishing one's own illogical responses to situational stimuli. Say that ten times fast.

For years I was obsessed with Cognitive Therapy, which Dr. Judith Beck practices and her father, Dr. Aaron Beck, invented.  Both of these modern pioneers have written countless books on the topic, and complemented these contributions with continuous seminars, workshops, lectures, etc. Dr. Judith Beck is on the cutting edge of taking the traditional mysticism out of the practice of psychology, and giving it back to reason and rationale where it belongs.

I took an extended lunch break to drive into Philadelphia to get Dr. Judith Beck to sign my book. It was a typically traffic saturated time of the day when people seem to exercise the need to get in their cars and drive around aimlessly for 2 hours. I used this opportunity to turn on my speakerphone and chat with a client about his account. Basically when I walked into the lobby to meet Dr. Beck, I was: unprepared, enamored by her physical humility and overtaken by seeing her picture finally come to life.

Although I tower above Dr. Beck at 6'2", I felt more like 2'3" in the presence of her brilliance. Besides complementing the Doctor on the effect her books have had on me, I asked her (a world-renowned psychologist) a question about marketing. An equally stimulating question for someone of her stature would be, "Dr. Beck, how do I go potty?" I've met Governors, Senators, a Vice President, the smartest man in the world and my girlfriend's father; however, this encounter left me in a state of awe. Although, while asking my seemingly nonsensical question of Dr. Beck, I was granted something very special. She squinted her face in an obvious display of deliberate cognition in anticipation of how she would answer my question. To you this might seem insignificant. But to me, it was an exhilarating experience having Dr. Beck's brilliance at my disposal even for a brief minute. This is how I believe kids felt while handing Houdini chains or the giving the 3 Stooges a pie.

If you have room for one Psychology/Self-Help book in your collection, make it Dr. Judith Beck's Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond. It not only trains one to think more rationally about the emotion that may be paralyzing constructive behavior, but also how to act on it. It is expensive, but I have read over 300 books in my life, and this one remains in my top 10. No I don't represent Dr. Beck, I merely wish to pass on some great authorship. And if you're wondering what this has to do with marketing... well, everything has to do with marketing!

*Does your market niche feel this way about you? Never forget the 3 R's: research, read and... write. Enjoy your day!


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