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Tonight I decided to write a blog posting for a NJ client who removes trees. Naturally we have a talented team of graduate students and intellectuals who perform these services for us; however, sometimes Babe Ruth likes to step out of the dugout and teach the kids a few lessons.

When it comes to maximizing your NJ blog to get customers, there are several elements that need to be present in the interest of:

  • Increasing your SEO
  • Minimizing the chances search engines will see you as "selling" (which they despise in overabundance)
  • Getting more customers and increasing your sales

Today I invite you to enjoy one of my favorite songs of all-time while you bask in my marketing genius and collective entertainment. Simply click the play button, and read along.

So, here are 4 tips you need to maximize your NJ blog to get customers:

  1. Make your articles no shorter than 300 words.
  2. Ensure your posting is maximized for a viable keyword. Research good ones here: Google Adword Tool
  3. Instead of leaving a sales pitches at the bottom of your blog - which, again, Google can detect and does not like too much of - embed your message in an image such as the one at the bottom of my blog. It can say anything you want because only humans can read it. Although, I have a good friend at MIT who says that is about to change. I'll keep you updated. Just remember that you don't have to be smart, but your friends do!
  4. Write your blog in the interest of entertaining and informing  your target and peripheral markets. Remember, before your future customers seek out products/services, they will first seek out answers to their questions with regard to the products and services they want. Quick tip, blog a lot about "pricing" as this is the most common search people have in mind. Wow, you guys got some secrets tonight!


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