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by Clayton M. Christensen

Have you ever wondered how a titan like Blockbuster could lose to a cash-poor startup like Netflix?

Have you pondered why a company like Woolworth couldn't adapt and adjust its strategies to overcome an upstart like Kmart?

Today I'm reviewing and briefly explaining the lustful adventure of "The Innovator's Dilemma."

The greatest aspect of this book is it tells a David and Goliath story -- Goliath being the established company leveraging a time-endorsed industry model of value matched to price, and David representing a newer model that appeals to unknown markets, with untested value-to-pricing models targeting the low hanging fruit larger established firms try to avoid as they have historically not contributed to growth.


The problem is, in the hunt for large berries, you can leave millions of smaller ones scattered behind.


The wonderful thing about this book is it not only teaches the seasoned C-Suite executive to abandon all traditional models of organizational governing to adapt to a new framework, and mindset, to overcome a contrarian foe, but it also gives you the intellectual firepower needed to make changes within your own company to overcome the big boys renting out the office to the aforementioned executive.

The bottom line is this book will change the way you think about growth, market demand, and resource-driven innovation for new products and services. I think it is an essential part of every creative businessperson's library.

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