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by Jeff Walker

I had heard a few other marketers such as Michael Port and Derek Halpern leveraging the science of email-driven "launches" to sell products, services, workshops, etc.

It wasn't until I purchased Jeff Walker's "Launch: An Internet Millionaire's Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online..." that I decided to take this approach seriously. Although, the semi-hyperbolic sub-text of this book didn't inspire much enthusiasm in me; however, it did get me to purchase it.

I'm glad I did!

Jeff Walker is one of those guys like me who has been poor, disillusioned by the corporate world, yet very ambitious. He starts this book with his story, which is very relatable. He then goes into how he created the idea of an email "Launch" to sell newsletters of his stock market advice back in the mid ninety's.

He then goes into all the other people he has helped with this formula who have amassed great wealth as he has.

However, there is a larger 10,000 foot view of this all: The structure of this book is modeled after his launch formula, which you can instantly see how it pulls you in, and converts you into a believer, and perhaps even a buyer.

And that's the point this book gives probably the most practical, and easily executable system for selling pretty much anything you can think of, online.

He's using a multitude of persuasive techniques coined by such greats as Dale Carnegie, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Napoleon Hill, etc.

This book is as inspirational as it is enjoyable. Even if you did't apply it in you business, reading the rags-to-riches stories is as compelling and heart-warming as watching a turtle help another upended turtle back on his feet.

Now, I am in the habit of expecting the last chapters of a book to be the most painful and least enjoyable sections, much like the end of any cigar.

However, this book ends stronger than a grand slam at the end of a World Series. The final chapters are filled with inspirational advice and guidelines for success created by some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds that ever lived. Within about 2 chapters, I found several summaries from some of the greatest books I have ever read.

What an unpredictable treat!

After reading Jeff's book, I checked him out on YouTube, and then I got it. He is a very warm, unassuming individual who has found a very profitable niche, but LOVES helping people learn it to thrive.

While his passion is subtle and smooth, like warm coffee, his content is thick, rich and explosive, and this book is an essential text for anyone serious about internet marketing.

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