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Those dangerous dinos are back once again, and this time, they're NOT screwing around! Muhahahahaha!!!!

Anyway, Jurassic World is proof of 2 things

  1. Modern cinematic creativity is so lacking that producers have to go digging in the graveyards of Hollywood to find story-lines that will attract audiences.
  2. Even bringing dinosaurs back into the present can get old very quickly, and that's why you need dangerously lethal innovation... in the movie anyway.

I like this movie despite the hollowness of the characters and the creepiness of this one kid who stares at girls the entire film (you'll understand when you see it).

What I like about this movie in terms of marketing is the CEO of InGen, and the park's seemingly fearless leader, understands the need to understand your product as much as your audience.

He is continually asking about the temperament of the dinosaurs, albeit ignoring dangerous signs of disaster being conjured up by his over zealous R&D team.

Nevertheless, this is a great movie if you're in the mood to learn a little about how attractions such as television shows, events and, in this movie dinosaurs, are actually the brainchild of advertisers for big corporations to sell products.

Few people know that today, merchandise such as toys and television shows have a symbiotic relationship.

Pokeman is one of my favorite examples because the show was a hit, and it managed to sell almost everything, from action figures, clothing, video games, cake decorations, etc. Oh yeah, and the tagline for the show "Gotta catch 'em all" was pure product moving brilliance!

Anyway, check this one out the next time you're at home with a lovely lady or fancy gentleman. They'll love it, and you will too!

If you'd like to pick this one up, you can order it by clicking here.

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