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Today I was finalizing some details about writing for the Gloucester County Patch when one of my competitors was mentioned. This is because they have been spending a fortune on advertising and have been pretty difficult to ignore.

Later in the day I visited their website and a list of their clients was on display, as well as what keywords they were ranking in search engines for. The result of my analysis led me to produce this post and show you how no, your New Jersey SEO Company may not be competent.

Not too long ago Sue and I were hiding Easter eggs for our children, William (7) and Reese (4). I was putting them in obvious places, but Sue on the other hand was hiding eggs as if the FBI was kicking down our door and Easter had been banned. I told her not to be so creative with hiding them, but she insisted the boys would find them. Let's just say the next day I spent 2 hours trying to find little painted Easter needles in our huge haystack of a house after the boys had failed.

My point is some of your New Jersey SEO Companies are hiding your online eggs where your customers will never find them.

I did some research on each client represented by this popular SEO Company in Philadelphia and found that the majority of keywords they had ranked their client high for were not competitive. This is mainly because no one is searching them. At the end of this post I will show you how I know this. Take for example the keyword they were so proud to be ranking their client first in Google for: "Chiropractic Care Philadelphia." Seems popular, right? Wrong. Google tracks that this keyword gets searched zero times each month. Quick tip, if there are no advertisements on the page you are being ranked for, than you should be spending your time ranking for keywords that people actually type. For example, we rank in the top 3 organic results with "New Jersey Marketing Company." That search term is highly competitive and gets searched 880 times a month, and we obtain 8 new clients each month like clockwork because of it.

So here are great ways to determine if your New Jersey SEO Company is competent or not:

  1. Use the Google AdWords Tool to determine whether or not your keywords are actually generating traffic. Your "SEO" Company may not have done the proper research to determine if your keywords are  SEO-friendly in your content.
  2. Once you have found 3-5 perfect keywords that your customer uses Google to search for you, ensure you are using these keywords consistently throughout your content. Why do you think I mention "New Jersey Marketing" so much?
  3. If they are charging you less money for lesser quality keywords, fire them. Their job is to get you more customers not take half measures. Nobody enters a hospital with a broken leg and leaves with half of a cast because it is cheaper. You don't provide quality-lacking products, and neither should a competent New Jersey SEO Company.

I wrote this post to save you from the snake-oil SEO men and women of our time. Don't let a Company hide your eggs where your customer will never look. After all, Easter will be here again, and you probably produce some darn good eggs!


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