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The bottom line is that everyday people all over the world are searching phrases online with regard to current events.

Now if you are mindful of good search engine optimization practices, than I have no doubt you consistently add content to your blog.

With these two ideas in mind, I have a great way for you to: dramatically increase traffic to your site, beat writer's block, scientifically ensure that people will be looking for your blog topic, and create a fun new way of identifying and reaching your niche market. The answer is Google Trends.

Google trends is a free service that monitors exactly what is being Google'd, by whom, speaking what language, and in what location.

Also, their method of communicating which searches are more prevalent is by listing them as hot, warm and cold, respectively.

So here you have a great opportunity to find which direction your market is shooting arrows, and then holding up targets for them to shoot at. This tool is also an ingenious way of monitoring trends in general (after all, that was its original intent).

For example, the more people Google "unemployment benefits", the more you can assume people with computer access are losing jobs. Happily it looks as if this trend has peaked and is perpetually decreasing. Either way, start using Google Trends to improve your ability to get found by your market niche right away.
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