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Today I'd like to help you select an NJ SEO Firm to increase your website's search engine rankings and visitor conversion rate, as well as your overall competitive advantage. Naturally I'd like to advise you to select Imprinsic Marketing Group as your sole SEO provider. However, I won't. Rather, I'd like to explore with you, firsthand, some ways to select an ideal New Jersey SEO Firm, so I can also make written note of what elements my SEO Firm can expand upon to increase our value to future prospects.

How to Select a NJ SEO Firm:

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  1. First, a superior SEO firm should not have to use pay per click (PPC) advertising to appear in primary locations on search engines. This would be like an obese person using pictures of models to sell a workout routine. Now, some SEO companies I know of rank very highly for a lot of viable keywords, then use PPC to advertise for keywords and phrases they have no intention of optimizing their website for in the long run. However, this is not the case with every NJ SEO firm. Always ensure when you select a New Jersey SEO Firm that they properly rank for the most important keywords that are viable for their company. A good way to do this is to Google the keywords the company uses as the Title Tag on the homepage of their website and make note of where they rank. It should be within the top 5 results.
  2. Another way to select the right NJ SEO Firm for your business is to examine their portfolio. All too often I see outdated testimonials on the websites of NJ SEO companies claiming they are successfully ranking a particular client very highly for certain competitive keywords. However, I usually find one of two problems with these so-called testimonials: For one, when I research the given keywords the SEO company claims they are ranking their client's site for, all too often that keyword simply does not generate much search traffic. I wish I were kidding, but I am not. Second:  Quite often, when you actually conduct a search for the client's site in search engines for their respective keyword, it no longer retains the rank as it is reflected on the SEO Firm's site, thereby making it the claim outdated (and unsustained), or even worse, a bald-face lie. A good NJ SEO Firm will have a current portfolio that should demonstrate extremely viable keywords for which their clients' websites are currently ranking very highly for. Also, nothing beats a firsthand testimonial from a reputable, current client claiming their SEO company is serving their needs adequately, at the very least.
  3. Price is an extremely important aspect of selecting a suitable NJ SEO Firm, however, value is exponentially more important. Any company that charges you an exceptionally low cost for a seemingly high-value services is either lying, cheating or will soon be going out of business. None of those is any good for your business, of course. A competent NJ SEO company knows all too well that onsite elements of SEO such as keyword optimization, ongoing content generation and proper design and formatting is critically important for your SEO efforts, and deserve substantially more attention than other required elements of SEO practice, such as ongoing external linking and press release submissions. None of that stuff is cheap, or easy to produce, so the temptation to cut corners there is great. It takes an ongoing, deliberate effort to increase a site's search engine optimization, and a competent SEO Firm in New Jersey knows that, and can also educate you about it.
  4. Always ensure that the NJ SEO Firm that you choose to work with selects high volume keywords.
  5. This next one is critically important: Do not, I repeat, do not buy a bunch of "high-value" external links hoping they will increase your SEO. This is the same as buying crib notes for the Bar Exam. Good luck with that approach. External links used to be viable during the 'Wild West' days of Internet search. Those days are over, however, and today, they are a quick way to tell search engines you are spamming the web. An external linking program should always be built on a steady foundation of ongoing: fresh, original, relevant and authoritative content for your website. After all, why would 5,000 websites link to a site with 4 pages that organically receives hardly any traffic? Google knows all too well what the relative ratio of site traffic versus external linking should be. Yes, they are aware that some posts you may compose may go viral. However, you and I both know how rare of an occurrence this actually is.
  6. A superior New Jersey SEO Company conducts, at the very least, monthly reporting so you can keep track of each of your keywords' rankings.

I hope this post on how to select an NJ SEO Firm was useful. One last bit of advice: Make sure you are not signed into a long-term contract (event he best SEO takes some time to take hold, but if you aren't seeing results after four or five months, you need to be able to move on. Also, it is reasonable to expect that you are able to monitor the progress of your account on an ongoing basis. This way you can avoid being ripped-off, while ensuring every dollar you invest in search engine optimization breeds new business and more money.


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