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First of all, happy Veterans Day to all of our service men and women out there. War was not fun, but winning was. If you're a veteran working professional like me, than let's mimic the hard work and discipline we displayed holding the gun to the what we do today holding the... whatever you hold today. I hold coffee.

Are you down with PPC, yeah you know me.

A lot of you are faced with the problem of ensuring your website appears when people search for you in search engines; however, existing customers are driving your PPC costs way up simply because they don't wish to scroll down and click your organic result. While the costs may not be significant, I personally don't believe in dropping a dime to pick up a quarter. Don't forget that this is what separates us from the inefficiency of government - we actually have to spend wisely.

So, my solution to minimize PPC cost to existing customers is to create a slick barrier to

encourage the customer to click the organic search result the next time around.

Don't forget that the PPC search result is mainly for new business. With that in mind, your existing business is searching for one of the following:

  • Customer service forms/numbers
  • Sign in boxes
  • Information about products/services

However, a new visitor is searching for the following:

  • Instructions on how to get started
  • Information about products/services
  • Testimonials/case studies

With this in mind, what you must do is leverage information about products and services to serve new visitors while placing a simple but effective obstacle between the exiting customer and sign in box.

Also, always ensure your contact number appears in the actual search result so the customer/visitor won't even be required to click a result to do business with you. Your automated phone systems can do the rest.

Now, when I mention an 'obstacle', I'm saying that all you need to do is ensure the existing customer must click a link to get to their sign-in box versus displaying the sign-in box when the page first appears. The best way to accomplish this is to have the link lead to the homepage of the organic result. This will force the existing customer to realize that it is much easier and faster just to click the organic search to begin with.

Makes sense, right? And it will save money on your PPC price tag as well!


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