I'm sure when I was serving in Afghanistan there were local rumors that the Taliban was a larger, stronger force than America and her allies. After-all, I met Afghans that were so uninformed that they didn't even know what 9/11 was. America is in competition with the Taliban in the interest of the hearts and minds of the Afghan population. The majority of the Afghans I met only value 2 things: honesty and strength. However, like I said, the Taliban was excellent in portraying themselves as much more powerful than us to the locals when we were not around.

So how did we combat this discrepancy between reality and fantasy to those we wished to make peace? That is simple: we got geared our patrols to get right up in the Taliban's face so that the Afghans could see which force was more powerful.

We as Infantry soldiers had to open our mind to where our competitor was, what they were saying, and what our niche market (Afghans) wanted. Open your mind up to who your competitor is, where they are online, and what your niche market wants. For example, if you provide music lessons, your competitor is not only other music teachers, but also karate instructors, sports leagues, etc. Also, your competitor is online right now attracting people that might as well be buying from you. For instance, moms and dads  are naturally going to type "karate lessons in South Jersey" to find something for their child that will build confidence, increase communications skills, and improve their academic comprehension. After all, I doubt many parents sign their kid up for Karate in the interest of facilitating the next Bruce Lee. The point here is that they want something constructive for their child and have possibly only considered Karate thus far.

With this in mind, you can create a new landing page on your website that will rank specifically to go toe-to-toe with your perpendicular competitors fishing in your market: moms and dads who want to improve the lifestyle of their children.

So here's your move:

  1. Sit down and think really hard about who are your perpendicular competitors (competitor coming from a seemingly non-competitive industry, yet arriving on your market) is. Identify 2 who are really tapping into your market, and then move to step #2.
  2. Create another landing page on your website that will seek to rank in keywords your perpendicular competitor is ranking for in search engines.
  3. Remember, your target customer is looking up a service that is somewhat irrelevant to what you are providing, so you will have to include a strong and persuasive argument as to why this search engine user should digress from his/her first search, and explore your offering. In the case of teaching music lessons to kids, you would want your meta-description to cite scientific research that shows: "kids who take music lessons versus karate are significantly better adjusted socially and academically." Actually, you could just write that so as long as you find reliable research to prove it.
  4. Improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your page by using my 5 Tips to SEO Dominance.
  5. If you can't rank in the first 6 results quickly enough, either call me (Matthew) at (856) 685-7194, or use Google Adwords. This is pay-per-click advertising that will guarantee you to be one of the first 3 results. However, these highlighted results only get clicked an average of 40%. I personally have never clicked them. But hey, 40% isn't bad at all!

Just remember, your target market has only so much time and money. Find out exactly where they spend their time and money that could be substituted for your good/service, and your revenue will take huge leaps and bounds.


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