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If you're wondering how to get your picture on Google Images, you have come to the right place. Don't take advice on this issue from any other South Jersey, or international marketer, for that matter. Rather, sit back and relax while I take a few puffs of this Dominican cigar while lightly sipping some Black Label Scotch, and give you all of the tools you need to make that mug public.

  • First off, I'm an expert at this. If you'd like proof, Google Image "Matthew Steffen", "South Jersey Marketing", "South Jersey Free Advertising" and see whose ugly mug appears. Are you back? Good, let's press on.
  • When you first have the picture you want to use, make sure the keyword you intend it to fall under is what is is named, and separate each word with a "-" In other words, "South-Jersey-Marketing"   This is how SERPs read pictures.
  • Next, always list the "alternate text" while listing your picture as the same as the title of the picture, only don't use the -"s. In other words, "South Jersey Marketing." Wow, this is becoming a huge SEO post!
  • Now, wherever you wish to save your picture to (website, blog, comment, etc., ensure that the header and the content both include your desired keyword. For example: "The Best of South Jersey Marketing" ....South Jersey marketing has been instrumental in blah, blah, blah... Get it?
  • Now I'm going to give away an SEO pro-tip while summing everything else up. Use the keyword you choose (ex. South Jersey Marketing) once in your header, once in your pictures' alternate text, twice in your content as a regular keyword, and once in your content either in bold or italicized. This is the newest keyword trick that search engines hunt for. Shhhh... Why do you think I seized the opportunity to bold "South Jersey Marketing" up there?  Two birds, one Matthew Steffen. Good luck to you!


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