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Number 1, open up your mind to who your competitors actually are. For example, if you own a karate school, your competitor is not only other karate schools, but music schools, sports leagues and tutors. Your damn right. Now there are two ways to dominate your competitor, from far away, or nice and close. I was a squad automatic weapon gunner in Afghanistan so I liked to get in nice and close. You should too - online that is.

So here's your move, create a page on your website that directly confronts your competitors with their keywords and meta-tags. Just use Woorank to take a peak under their hood. What you will be doing is setting your page to rank next to your competitor so when mom Google's "children activities New Jersey" (5,400 local monthly searches), your site comes up. However, you are taking it a step further.  Now when mom Google's "karate New Jersey" (8,100 monthly searches), your site will appear next to a dozen other karate sites, and will be the only alternative to a possible hasty decision. You can use Google Adwords to get your page to the top of Google, instantly. Ensure you select a season when your industry is down, and you chosen competitors' industry is up.

Now let's get into how your page will appear next to your competitor. Parents want their kids to have confidence, academic ingenuity and strong communication skills. Describe your page which will be ranked in search engines against your competitor in accordance with your intent. For example, "Karate has shown to improve academic performance by over 68% compared to music lessons." Always back up your claims with strong research and case studies. So now the parent will see that perhaps karate is a better idea than music lessons. And guess whose site they are going to click. Exactly- dominating. Good luck to you, just stay away from marketing in New Jersey 😉



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