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Today I'm going to teach you the most basic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, which is onsite and offsite page/post optimization. Unlike my idiot competitors who tease you with poorly written nonsense that isn't fit to be adequate toilet paper in most Western countries, I love to give you the good stuff that will get you more customers right freaking now.


SEO in 4 Easy Steps


Step 1: Create a Keyword

Simply think of what you sell, and where you sell it to. "Hey Matt, I'm a 'tree removal company in Morris County, NJ!'" Great! That's your new keyword.

Step 2: Write a 500 Word Blog Post/Page About the Keyword

All you have to do here is craft an article about/around the actual keyword. Here is where you get to be creative. I would call the article: "How to Select a Tree Removal Company in Morris County, NJ." See how the keyword is in the title? And, Google will rank this post very highly so as long as it offers fresh, original, authoritative and relevant content.

Step 3: Use My Magical Formula

In order for Google to rank your article highly for your keyword, you have to show Google your article is 100% about that keyword, specifically.

How do you do this?

Ensure the keyword is written:

  • -Once in the title of the article
    -Once in an H1
    -Once as an image title
    -Four times in the body text
    -One time with an embedded link to the article we're discussing

Step 4: External Link that Bad Boy

Now in order to show Google your article is more valuable than other articles with the same keyword, post the article on your social media pages. Also, use a link to this article when you list your business on local directories. After all, you don't always have to link to your homepage, and linking to other pages on your site will help your entire site rank better overall.

Nevertheless, the more your page is linked to from other valuable websites, the better your page will rank in search engines.

I hope you enjoyed this posting about how to do SEO in 4 easy steps. Time for a delicious Honduran cigar, and Macallan scotch. Here's to us!


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